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Name of the Organization: THE SQUARE DOT TEAM


The Square Dot team specializes in the policy fields of social inclusion, migration, entrepreneurship, VET and skills development. In this context, we aim to develop research and provide policy advice with the view to enrich public policy with tailor-made, innovative and socially responsible solutions in the following areas:

  • School support & curriculum design
  • Trainings and capacity building
  • Policy research
  • EU funding Advice
  • Career coaching & Business Mentoring

Our policy research includes analysis, among other, in the following fields:

  • VET, skills, and career development

Analysis of impacts of (higher) education, optimization of policies related to VET and career counselling and skills gaps analysis; development of educational curricula; design and implementation of VET trainings; career counselling and business mentoring and trainings.

  • Entrepreneurship and business mentoring

Research on policy measures that support entrepreneurship and development of entrepreneurship skills. Analysis of training delivery methods and training methods suitable for entrepreneurs and small companies.

  • Digital single market, digital policies, and monitoring of digitalization

Monitoring of the digitization of EU economies, policy advice including evaluation and IA of specific digital policy measures; development of digitally available educational material.

  • VET and school curricula in relation to environmental awareness

Research, awareness raising and stakeholder engagement on environmental challenges and climate change. Design and implementation of piloting activities and impact assessments in the educational sector on the environment and climate related policies.

  • School education

Design and development of curricula and educational material for schools aiming at students as well as teachers. Piloting and dissemination of material for the use of teachers and the creation of awareness among students for a wide range of policy challenges including, environment and climate change, digital tools, culture and heritage, school counselling.

Our services in the context of Career coaching and Business mentoring targets individuals and young people who want to design a better career path or become independent and organizations that want to maintain high-performance and explore EU funding opportunities as well as entrepreneurship trainings tailored made to the needs of the different target groups.

The key persons involved
  • in this project
  • are:

Dr. Elissavet Lykogianni

Managing Director

Nikol Vasileiou

Senior Project Administrator