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PR3: Empowerment Program and tools for Women

The aim of this result is to provide direct support and motivation to women to pursue a career in the ICT economy either as employee or an entrepreneur. In more detail, this result provided as OER on the project’s platform includes a collection of female role models providing encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to other women in the ICT sector. Role models are promoted through short videos and through short presentations showcasing the success stories of women in the ICT sector.

Aminata Gabriella Fall

Silvia Fanzecco

Cristina D’ Apollonio

Maria Stylianou

Magy Kontou 

Matina Thomaidou

Julia Soderberg

Rosana Marín Berraondo

Lorena Liuzzo 

Marie Idestrom

Some other women in ICT who we want to highlight as role models were kind enough to reply to a couple of questions. See below for their answers. Hopefully, it will have the advice and inspiration you need.



Constantina Andreou

Chrysi Sea

Christina Sofia Baxevanou

Sofia Breydel

Emma van Daele