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If only we knew where the “leaky parts” of the women in tech pipeline are, then we could intervene effectively and on time and make things whole -or, at least, better, right? That’s what research in recent years has been trying to do, in countries as diverse as the US, India, Finland and -wait for […]

There is a tendency to think that women and men, girls and boys, usually choose their field of study or work based purely on their individual preferences and, thus, that any professional segregation that we can observe in the world of work is due to physiological and/or psychological differences that set genders apart. But is […]

The kick-off meeting for the Femin-ICT project was held in March in Stockholm, attended by representatives of the partner organisations. This project aims to feminise the ICT sector by supporting and encouraging more women to pursue ICT-related careers. The project aims to strengthen women’s participation and knowledge in the digital sector, supporting their empowerment in […]