FEMIN-ICT project is taking action!

The kick-off meeting for the Femin-ICT project was held in March in Stockholm, attended by representatives of the partner organisations. This project aims to feminise the ICT sector by supporting and encouraging more women to pursue ICT-related careers. The project aims to strengthen women’s participation and knowledge in the digital sector, supporting their empowerment in society and the labour market, in local, national and global contexts.

Following the kick-off meeting, the investigation phase of the project about the conditions and problems faced by women in this sector is taking shape in order to develop a useful and sustainable training toolkit, which can enrich women’s digital skills.

The project highlights the importance to have a better understanding of the principal women’s needs and the challenges faced in this context, in order to bring about a real change in the work environment mindset. Based on this objective, it is essential for the partnership to identify the best strategies for the training process, the dissemination activities and the creation of networks to spread gender issues and good practices, involving a growing number of stakeholders.