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With the aim of promoting the entry of women into the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) labour market and gender equality in this traditionally male sector, the members of the FEMIN-ICT project have held several breakout rooms to share their ideas and move towards a more equitable model between men and women.

CSI was in charge of leading a breakout room on Negotiation and assertiveness Skills; Ikigai Institute gave another one on leadership; Square Dot Team dealt with Public Speaking & Presentation Skills; while Impact Hub, spoke about Networking, and Associazione CO-CO on Work-Life Integration. The main room, meanwhile, was given by Stimmuli, and was related to Self Assessment Toolkit.

Break out room 1:Gender bias and stereotypes in ICT → Women on Top

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Break out room 2: Negotiation and assertiveness Skills → CSI

Within the European webinar, various strategies and tools about negotiation and assertiveness skills were presented to attendees. During the open discussion that followed, the participants actively shared challenges encountered in applying negotiation and assertiveness skills, reflecting on both professional and personal contexts. Furthermore, they exchanged ideas on how to overcome these obstacles and utilized the session to network and exchange cultural norms in the ICT sector. 

Break out Room 3: Leadership  → Instituto Ikigai

At the recent FEMIN-ICT European Webinar, the breakout room focused on leadership within the ICT sector. Using Mentimeter, participants actively collaborated, sharing visions of ideal ICT leaders, discussing challenges faced by women leaders, and highlighting notable innovations by women in the field, enriching the dialogue and strengthening the empowered ICT leadership community.

In conclusion, the breakout room encapsulated a rich tapestry of insights, experiences, and aspirations, woven together through the seamless integration of Mentimeter. The interactive nature of the tool fostered a sense of community and camaraderie, amplifying voices, and catalyzing meaningful conversations. As participants departed the session, they carried with them not only a deeper understanding of leadership in ICT but also a renewed sense of purpose and a network of like-minded individuals committed to driving positive change in the industry.

Break out room 4: Public Speaking & Presentation Skills → Square Dot Team

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Break out room 5: Networking → Impact Hub

We discussed networking strategies for women in ICT, emphasizing the importance of building valuable contacts. Additionally, we explored how to create a personal brand through storytelling and establishing a presence at in-person and virtual events, both of which serve as key tools in this endeavor, specially as migrants in the region.

Break out room 6: Work-Life Integration → Associazione CO-CO’

The break out room saw the involvement of a few participants, including a student who aspires to become an IT professional in a corporate environment and who, in a very far-sighted way, considers the issue of work-life balance, even before embarking on this path, knowing that the world of ICT professions is particularly at risk of burn out due to the constant connection. Therefore we gave a lot of space to different techniques that can be adopted on a daily basis to avoid burnout and safeguard one’s personal well-being.

Main room: Self Assessment Toolkit → Stimmuli

This break out room session included a presentation of the toolkit as well as t

With these break-out rooms, the members of the FEMIN-ICT project tried to give tools to those women who wanted to work in the ICT sector so that they could be more competitive and penetrate with equal opportunities compared to men.